+30 Single fragrance
Unique Cleanliness

In the year of our 30th anniversary, the +30 line of professional detergents was created thanks to the experience of Interchem Italia. It features high performance and a unique and exclusive fragrance. The +30 line consists of 5 essential and specific products for all types of environment and requirements. Especially when used together, they guarantee an impeccable level of cleanliness and their fragrance is enhanced. A complete team, particularly suitable for the daily cleaning of hotels, offices and residential care homes.

Why choose the +30 line of professional cleaners?

linea completa detergenti professionali
ampia gamma di detergenti professionali
5 products for unique cleanliness

The +30 line includes 5 products: Bathroom Protective Cleaner for cleaning bathrooms, Toilet Dekalc for toilets, Glass and Multipurpose for cleaning glass and for dusting, Floor Cleaner for floors, and AirParfum to ensure a fragrant note in all environments.

lianea completa più 30 con nota profumata
Single fragrance

The +30 line of professional detergents has been formulated with the same fragrant note to enhance and make its fragrance of cleanliness linger longer.

detergenti professionali con profumazione unica
detergenti professionali con performance elevate
High efficiency

+30 is the result of the values and experience of Interchem Italia. Expertise, constant commitment and passion have led to the creation of this line of professional high-quality detergents.