Professional concentrated
detergents: the MD line

Interchem Italia MD professional concentrated detergents are an exclusive solution for creating professional diluted cleaning products, simply, accurately and safely, without any waste.

The MD system consists of: ready-to-use detergents, detergents requiring dilution, and solutions containing them. Concentrated products are diluted using practical dosing systems. The concentrated formula of products allows considerable savings in the costs of purchasing, transport, storage and disposal of product-related waste, significantly reducing pollution and environmental impact.

The MD line has been designed and made to respond to all areas of professional cleaning: restaurants, bars, schools, retirement homes, hotels, apartment blocks and office buildings.

Why choose the MD line of concentrated detergents?

Basso impatto ambientale
Ha un basso impatto ambientale
Low environmental impact

The MD line of concentrated detergents arises from a very simple idea: to reduce the amount of water in detergents in order to protect the environment and safeguard natural resources for future generations. Thanks to this approach, we have been able to reduce by 95% the packs and packaging for this line and the volume of goods to be transported.

linea md dosaggio preciso
Accurate dosing

MD concentrated products are diluted using accurate dosing systems designed to make products user-friendly.

More specifically, the MD line consists of: single-dose bottles, right-dose bottles, dosing pumps and diluters.

linea md dosaggio preciso
linea md grande risparmio
Garantisce grande risparmio
Significant savings

The MD line of concentrated detergents allows a substantial reduction in the costs of purchasing, transport, storage and disposal of waste, guaranteeing excellent quality at a competitive price.