Interchem Italia
professional detergents

Interchem Italia professional detergents are the ideal solution for dealing effectively and safely with all cleaning requirements. The wide range of products guarantees high performance, user-friendliness, accurate dosing, safety for operators, and is designed to meet all technical and economic needs. Interchem Italia detergents are formulated to quickly remove any type of dirt in various environments, on different surfaces and using a variety of equipment, always guaranteeing excellent results. Due to their high quality and innovative composition, Interchem Italia professional detergents are used in many sectors, from communities to hotels, catering, food and non-food industries, bars and offices, as well as retail distribution outlets.

Why choose Interchem Italia professional detergents?

ampia gamma di detergenti professionali
Wide range

The range of professional Interchem Italia detergents ensures complete cleaning of various spaces, structures and sectors. Each product in the range has been specifically designed to meet all the needs of the specific sector and space. From room cleaners to laundry detergents and products for personal hygiene, Interchem Italia guarantees a complete, efficient range of products ideal for all needs.

Packaging sostenibile
Sustainable packaging

Interchem Italia has always been actively involved in reducing waste and wastage. As a result, 95% of its products are packaged in containers and bottles produced with at least 30% of recycled plastic.

detergenti professionali interchem italia semplici da utilizzare

All Interchem Italia products are safe for operators and easy to dose and use thanks to the instructions for use and to right-dose bottles and product accessories.