Informed Privacy Consent

In accordance with the provisions of Article 13 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679, our Company, INTERCHEM ITALIA SRL, with registered office in Vigonza (PD), Via Spagna, 8, Data Controller, hereby informs users that the processing of personal data, including the e-mail address, other addresses or personal identification provided by filling in the forms on its website, will be carried out for the purposes and under the conditions set out below.

Nature of data processed and processing purposes
Our Company, INTERCHEM ITALIA SRL, with registered office in Vigonza (PD), Via Spagna, 8 will acquire and process only personal data and possibly tax data; under no circumstances will it process data definable, pursuant to Article 9 of Regulation 679, as “special”.
Personal data provided to INTERCHEM ITALIA SRL with registered office in Vigonza (PD), Via Spagna, 8 will be processed by the same for the pursuit of the following purposes:
a) to follow up the specific requests communicated to INTERCHEM ITALIA SRL with registered office in Vigonza, (PD) Via Spagna, 8 via its website;
b) for subscription to the newsletter and the consequent receipt of various information concerning the sector in which it operates;
c) for communications of a commercial, advertising and illustrative nature of the products and services of said company.

Need to provide data
The provision of data is necessary in order to allow us to execute user requests. It is,on the other hand, optional for the promotional and marketing activities referred to in points b) and c). Any refusal to provide all or part of the personal data in question could make it impossible to follow up the request of the data subject and would in any case prevent carrying out of promotional and marketing activities.

Data processing methods
The data is organised in paper archives and in electronic databases; processing of the same takes place through the use of manual, computerised and telematic tools and procedures suitable for guaranteeing security and confidentiality, while respecting the security measures considered adequate according to the principles of the GDPR (Article 32).

Scope of knowledge of the data
The data may be known to the staff of INTERCHEM ITALIA SRL with registered office n Vigonza (PD), Via Spagna, 8 and in particular, the personnel in charge of the commercial, administrative and logistic area will become aware of the data.

Data communication and dissemination
The data may be communicated by INTERCHEM ITALIA SRL with registered office n Vigonza (PD), Via Spagna, 8 to external parties, including:
banking institutions, in particular for payment management;
freight forwarders, Traco services and post offices for sending or receiving goods; various professionals, including professionals of law firms, for the protection of rights arising from contract relationships;
external marketing management companies, appointed by the company;
Under no circumstances will the data be disseminated.

Data Controller and Data Processor
The Data Controller is INTERCHEM ITALIA SRL with registered office in Vigonza (PD), Via Spagna, 8

Exercise of the rights pursuant to Articles 15-21 of Regulation 679.
At any time, you may exercise the rights of data subjects provided for by the GDPR, by making a request to INTERCHEM ITALIA SRL with registered office in Vigonza (PD), Via Spagna, 8 (at the address above) or also sending an e-mail to:


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