Ecological detergents and packaging: the Plasticambiente project

In recent years, the changes that have taken place in the cleaning market reflect the natural evolution of society, shifting attention to the search for eco-friendly products, which allow the safeguarding of natural resources and the protection of the environment, for the benefit of future generations.

To reduce the environmental impact and the excessive use of plastic packaging and containers, it is necessary to act in two directions:


1. Reduce the use of plastic for packaging and product packaging


2. Use a higher percentage of recycled plastic in each package

To bring an effective and tangible benefit to our planet, we at Interchem Italia have decided to create and follow a real regulation on sustainability, Plasticambiente. Specifically, we make sustainability through:

flacone in plastica riciclata
flaconi detergenti professionali in plastica riciclata
Recycled plastic packaging

We use bottles and cans produced with a percentage of recycled plastic (at least equal to 30%).

Marchio Ecolabel
Ecolabel product line

A complete line of ecological detergents certified Ecolabel (European Ecological Quality mark), which distinguishes products characterized by a reduced environmental impact, sustainable use and a substantial reduction in packaging.

Concentrated Detergents

An innovative modular and super-concentrated single-dose system, MD Modular Dosing, which reduces the environmental impact and requires 95% less plastic than standard products.

How to recognize the detergents and packaging of the Plasticambiente project?

We have replaced the traditional plastic bottles and cans with similar versions with a percentage of recycled plastic. In particular, each container made of recycled plastic will bear our Plasticambiente logo, so you can easily recognize it.


Plasticambiente Logo

Furthermore, you will notice that the color of the recycled plastic is less clear and bright, and, from time to time, it can have slightly different tones due to the coloring of the original plastic. The characteristics remain the same, the impact on the environment is significantly different.